Come test the health and quality of your skin!

Your skin reflects your inner health which is under attack every day from the outside.

What products are suitable for my skin?
How do I know what my skin really needs?

To ensure that your personal care products tailored to the specific needs of your skin, it is necessary to regularly monitor your care routine. Meet our promise to help you be more beautiful and feel better, we have designed a service to test your skin, your body and your hair.

A simple analysis of your skin allows us to better understand the health of your skin. With this knowledge, we strive to achieve the best results for skin smooth and radiant. With this information we can give you individual advice in order to restore your skin and to maintain health and beauty.

Discover the health of your skin by measuring:

Hydration (moisture)

Elasticity (stiffness)

Sebum (oil production)

Melanin (pigment)


Picture type


Biological age

Skin aging

Personalized advice based on comprehensive programs:

Tolerance in the sun and UV Sun

Skin whitening

Sensitive Skin




Scalp and hair

Take care of the health of your skin with this service!