Swiss report found sufficient evidence for homeopathy.

The report's conclusion reads: "In conclusion we have established that there is sufficient supporting evidence for the pre-clinical (experimental) as well as clinical effects of homeopathy, and that in absolute terms, as well as when compared to conventional therapies, it offers a safe and cost-effective treatment."

Swiss health authorities have commissioned a "Health Technology Assessment" (HTA) on homeopathy.

A HTA (scientific basis of health) is a multidisciplinary evaluation of a medical technology/treatment, in this case the homeopathy, as a whole. Homeopathy wa not evaluated only in its medical aspect, but also the social, economic, ethical impact. Politicians asked for an HTA study to be able to base their decision on a comprehensive review that illuminates homeopathy in the light of these various points.

The current report was commissioned by the Swiss authorities to allow them to decide whether homeopathy should remain part of obligatory health care insurance. The full report was translated from German and published as a book in English under the title: "Homeopathy in Health Care: Effectiveness, Appropriateness, Safety, Costs ". It counts 300 pages and is freely available from Springer Verlag (publisher).

Several authors have worked together under the editorship of Dr. Gudrun Bornhöft and Prof. Peter Matthiessen. Peter Matthiessen is a psychiatrist and professor at the "Center for Integrated Medicine" of the University of Witten / Herdecke, Germany.