Denys pharmacy in the press

As pharmacy of the month phamacy Denys received a long article in FarmaSfeer - PharmaSphère.

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Here are some excerpts:

"Gilbert Denys has been a pharmacist for forty years and in as many years his interest in homeopathy has not wavered! ..." However, G. Denys will be the last to question the value of allopathic medicine. "

"In the '80s, he created a homeopathic laboratory in Ghent, and a school for homeopathy. Hundreds of doctors, veterinarians, dentists and pharmacists came to attend training. Thus the Ghent pharmacist has helped to inform caretakers about this medical discipline. "

The doctor "is ultimately the one who makes the diagnosis. My long experience has however taught me that complementary medicine, and homeopathy in particular, can be a great way to help some patients,"

"It is also a common complaint about doctors, that they do not take enough time for their patients. As a pharmacist too, it is important to take time to listen to people. They often tell me they come home happy because they feel we take the time to answer their questions. "

Download the entire dutch article
Download the entire french article.