Coût-efficacité des systèmes médicinales homéopathiques


An observational study of patients receiving homeopathic treatment: In Belgium( 2004) - Unio Homoeopathica Belgica, Brussels, Belgium.

Results:“Patients were very satisfied with their homeopathic treatment, both they and their physicians recorded significant improvement. Costs of homeopathic treatment were significantly lower than conventional treatment, and many previously prescribed drugs were discontinued.”             READ MORE

Cost-benefit evaluation of homeopathic versus conventional therapy in respiratory diseases - Homeopathic Clinic, Campo di Marte Hospital, Lucca, Homeopathic Reference Centre Region of Tuscany, Italy

Results:“Costs for patients affected by chronic asthma showed a reduction in expenses of 71.1% for specific medicines relative to the group in homeopathic treatment... Homeopathic treatment for respiratory diseases (asthma, allergic complaints, Acute Recurrent Respiratory Infections) was associated with a significant reduction in the use and costs of conventional drugs. Costs for homeopathic therapy are significantly lower than those for conventional pharmacological therapy.”                                                        READ MORE

Economic evaluation of Sinfrontal (a homeopathic complex) in the treatment of acute maxillary sinusitis in adults - University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany

Results:“Sinfrontal led to incremental savings of euro 275 (95% CI 433, 103) per patient compared with placebo over 22 days, essentially due to the markedly reduced absenteeism from work (7.83 vs 12.9 workdays). Incremental utility amounted to 0.0087 QALYs (95% CI 0.0052, 0.0123), or 3.2 quality-adjusted life-days (QALDs). Bootstrapping showed that these findings were significant, with Sinfrontal being dominant in 99.9% of simulations. The results were robust to a number of sensitivity analyses. In the secondary analysis, Sinfrontal led to incremental cost savings of euro 511 and utility gains of 0.015 QALYs or 5.4 QALDs compared with placebo. Compared with antibacterials, Sinfrontal had a significantly higher cure rate (11% vs 59%; p < 0.001) at similar or lower costs. The results of this economic evaluation indicate that Sinfrontal may be a cost-effective treatment for AMS in adults.”                                       READ MORE

PART 1 of “Immunology and Homeopathy”- Department of Scienze Morfologico-Biomediche, University of Verona, Verona, Italy

Results: “Data from a large series of patients were analyzed and grouped according to type of drug prescribed, episodes of acute rhinopharyngitis, complications, adverse effects and medical costs. The results showed that the 'homeopathic strategy' yielded significantly better results than the 'antibiotic strategy' in terms of number of episodes of rhinopharyngitis, number of complications and quality of life with lower direct medical costs in favor of homeopathy.”                                                                         READ MORE

Audit of outcome in 455 consecutive patients treated with homeopathic medicines - Carlisle, UK.

Results: "Three hundred and four patients (66.8%) derived benefit from homeopathic treatment. One hundred and forty-eight patients (32.5%) were able to stop or maintain a substantial reduction in their conventional drugs."
                                                                                            READ MORE

Audit of outcome in 829 consecutive patients treated with homeopathic medicines - Carlisle, UK

Of the 829 patients, 503 (61%) had a sustained improvement from homeopathic treatment, of these: * 357 patients (43%) had an excellent response; * 146 patients (18%) had a good response; * 6 patients (0.8%) became worse. * 233 patients (28%) were lost to follow-up.”                                      READ MORE

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