Homeopathy and dentistry

Outcomes from homeopathic prescribing in dental practice: a prospective, research-targeted, pilot study - InstitutionFaculty of Homeopathy and British Homeopathic Association, Hahnemann House, Luton, UK.

Results:“Practitioners typically submitted data regularly and punctually, and most data cells were completed as required, enabling substantial data analysis. The mean age of patients was 46.2 years. A total of 726 individual patient conditions were treated overall. There was opportunity to follow-up 496 individual cases (positive outcome in 90.1%; negative in 1.8%; no change in 7.9%; outcome not recorded in 0.2%). Sixty-four of these 496 patients reported their outcome assessment before the end of the homeopathic appointment. Strongly positive outcomes (scores of +2 or +3) were achieved most notably in the frequently treated conditions of pericoronitis, periodontal abscess, periodontal infection, reversible pulpitis, sensitive cementum, and toothache with decay.”                                                            READ MORE

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