L'homéopathie et l'insomnie

Measurable effects of homeopathic medicines in insomnia - University of Arizona College of Medicine, Tucson, USA

Result:“... study demonstrated that the homeopathic medicines significantly increased PSG total sleep time and NREM, as well as awakenings and stage changes. Findings are similar though not identical to those reported in animals with the same medicines...”                                                      READ MORE

Chronic primary insomnia: efficacy of homeopathic simillimum Department of Homoeopathy, Faculty of Health Sciences, Durban University of Technology, Durban, South Africa.

Results: “SD data revealed that verum treatment resulted in a significant increase in duration of sleep throughout the study, compared to the placebo treatment which resulted in no significant increase in duration of sleep. A significant improvement in SII summary scores and number of improved individual questions were found in the verum group, responses to all 11 questions having improved significantly upon completion of the study. An initial improvement occurred in the placebo group, but was not sustained. Comparison of results between the groups revealed a statistically significant difference. The homeopathic simillimum treatment of primary insomnia was effective, compared to placebo. Homeopathy is a viable treatment modality for this condition and further research is justified.”                                                     READ MORE

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