Labo'Life homeopathic medicine at Pharmacy Denys

Based on the micro-immunotherapy

The medecines of Labo'Life are bades on micro-immunotherapy and modulate the immune system.

To do this, Labo'Life drugs incorporate in their formulations, chemical mediators of cellular major families involved in our immune system. These chemical messengers are prepared by homeopathic pharmaceutical.

Besides the chemical mediators of the immune system (cytokines), drugs Labo'Life also incorporate in their formulation of nucleic acids in high dilutions. There are preparations of RNA-DNA boosted overall as well as specific nucleic acid targeting the causative level.

The use of different levels of dilution under the law of Arndt-Schultz, used in homeopathic pharmacology, can stimulate, inhibit or modulate the actions of the immune system depending on the conditions encountered.

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