To order or to reserve?

For prescription drugs the website does not list prices. These products can only be reserved to be collected by you with the prescription in our pharmacy.
For a product "without prescription" you have the choice between reserving your products (after our confirmation, you can pick p your goods at our pharmacy) or an order (we will deliver your order at the requested adress). Remark: In case your basket contains an  "on prescription" product, the complete order for all products will be reserved. Delete this product in case you want your order delivered at your place.

Pharmaceutical Care

Please send us all relevant information concerning the patient's health, such as diabetes, allergies, cardiovascular complications, the field 'Personal Information' when confirming your order.
We recommend that you carefully read the patient notice for medications that you ordered.
Do not hesitate to contact your doctor in case of possible side effects.
We are available for questions or additional information.


Deliveries are ensured by courier 'De Post-La Poste'.

Delivery Cost for orders up to 100
Belgium: 10
Neighbouring countries: 15
Other countries inside or outside the European Union: price on demand

Delivery Cost for orders over 100
Belgium and Neighbouring countries: free of charge
Other countries inside or outside the European Union: price on demand

Should the actual shipping costs be significantly higher than the charged costs, we reserve the right to cancel the order.

Terms of sale

In case this is your first order, please read our general conditions of sale . In this document, you will find all information about our pricesetting, the delivery conditions, the delivery, the transportcosts, the guarantee, pay conditions, right to refund and the complaint handling.