Product of the month: FLORA BALANCE

Restore your intestinal flora after the holidays!

Thanks to FLORA BALANCE you can restore and maintain a balanced intestinal flora and a healthy intestinal function. FLORA BALANCE is a liquid, a live microbial nutritional supplement containing beneficial lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus brevis and Lactobacillus buchneri.

A balanced intestinal flora is essential for normal bowel function, immune system functioning and optimum energy levels. An optimal functioning of the intestine is a necessary condition to receive and facilitate the absorption of vitamins and mineral nutrients from our food efficiently.

The provision of a less healthy diet, stress and the ingestion of certain medications (antibiotics) may affect the balance of our intestinal flora, called dysbiosis. This dysbiosis often manifests as digestive problems, fatigue, and immunodeficiency. With FLORA BALANCE, you can restore the balance in your intestinal flora.

Balance of Plant

FLORA BALANCE contains four billion live lactic acid bacteria per ml of fluid. Research also determined that only 4.5 million per ml of lactic strains are killed by stomach acid if swallowed. The vast majority survive and pass through the stomach.

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