Energetica Natura nutritional supplements at Pharmacy Denys

Energetica Natura embodies the primitive energy present in all living things (plants, humans, animals).

Order or reserve Energetica Natura nutritional supplements available in Belgium at Pharmacy Denys.

All our products are manufactured to the latest scientific concepts and processes where the same primitive energy - in the high quality raw materials - is retained.

Hereby we get products that excel biochemical energy and activity, product which  are easily absorbed with little effort and have a real  effect in the body.

With Energetica Natura you get the best science and nature has to offer!

biochemical activity and absorption

Use of routes where the scientific literature and practice have demonstrated the highest biochemical activity and absorption.

Not Burdensome

nutrients or products-and-load binders used must not harm the body.


Before processing material, they are tested for purity.


Some nutrients are used in hypoallergenic products.

Recent scientific discoveries

The products are developed (and updated) based on the latest scientific discoveries.

NGO - Non-GM

We use only ingredients that are guaranteed genetically not modified.

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